Monday, July 23, 2018

Oil and Gas Industry News

Gunman in Trader Joe's standoff was feuding with grandmother
07/22/2018 10:59 PM

Gunman in Trader Joe's standoff was feuding with grandmotherA feud between a man and his grandmother over his girlfriend staying at the grandmother's home exploded into violence that ultimately led to him taking dozens of people hostage inside a Los Angeles supermarket, a relative said Sunday. Investigators believe Gene Evin Atkins, 28, shot his grandmother several times and wounded his girlfriend at their South Los Angeles home on Saturday afternoon before he led police on a chase, while exchanging gunfire with officers, crashed into a pole outside the Trader Joe's in the city's Silver Lake section and ran inside. Atkins was booked Sunday on suspicion of murder after an employee was killed as he ran into the supermarket, police said.

Applied Materials Bets Big on Cobalt
07/22/2018 06:07 AM

Applied Materials Bets Big on CobaltBattery makers aren't the only ones interested in this material.

Transportation Industry News

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